Saving now can improve your standard of living in the future. Whether you are planning for your new home, for school or university fees or simply for peace of mind, a sensible savings budget can help make these goals a reality.

Saving can also provide a vital emergency fund against unforeseen events such as losing your job. The recent economic downturn has shown just how quickly personal circumstances can change.

Having a savings plan in place is one of the best ways to ensure that you are financially prepared for the unexpected.

Saving for your children's education - can you afford not to?

Cost of Education 1.1MB

Investment funds


Flexibility to fund a joint account with two standing orders (one per individual per month)^

Save €100 - €1,000 each month per account

No lump sum lodgements allowed

Maximum of two monthly payment breaks allowed each calendar year^^

Withdraw funds on demand

Maximum Balance €50,000^^^

^Maximum two individuals on the account. ^^To take a payment break you must cancel your Standing Order and give instruction to reinstate the Standing Order for your next payment. ^^^Once this limit is reached, the entire balance (and any continuing standing orders lodgements) will earn interest at the Standard Demand Deposit Account interest rate.

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